SeaWiFS Eight Day Composite Data Use Policy

The SeaWiFS data have been generously provided by Dr. Andrew Thomas of the University of Maine, Orono, ME ( ). The 8-day SeaWiFS composite data in this directory are the (at present) unpublished (and consequently, non-peer reviewed) research products of Dr. Andrew Thomas. They are formed using his current implementation of cloud-masking schemes, spatial / temporal averaging and thresholding of "unrealistic" values in an attempt to provide reasonable spatial fields. They are made available to NASA-registered SeaWiFS Users in the GLOBEC community and elsewhere on an "as is" basis for improved visualization of chlorophyll fields and for use in comparison of multidisciplinary data sets, in keeping with the concept and spirit of GLOBEC. We do ask, however, that users of the data follow the following policies, as required by NASA and/or U.S. GLOBEC data policies:

  1. Any reproduction or use for any purpose (presentations, reports, publications, etc.) must acknowledge the data source (Dr. Andrew Thomas, School of Marine Sciences, University of Maine).

  2. With regards to use of these data in manuscripts, users are expected to follow the stated U.S. GLOBEC Data Policy as outlined in U.S. GLOBEC Report 10, pg 6:
    "The reader is reminded that it is not ethical to publish data without proper attribution or coauthorship. Beyond this, the U.S. GLOBEC Scientific Steering Committee believes that the intellectual investment and time committed to the collection of a data set entitles the investigator to the fundamental benefits of the data set. Therefore, publication of descriptive or interpretive results derived immediately and directly from the data is the privilege and responsibility of the investigators who collect the data. The purpose of a data archive is to facilitate collaboration between scientists, the combination of multiple data sets for interdisciplinary and comparative studies, and the development and testing of new theories. Any scientist making substantial use of a data set should communicate with the investigators who acquired the data prior to publication and anticipate that the data collectors will be co-authors of published results. This extends to model results and to data organized for retrospective studies,"
  3. All SeaWiFS images are provided as a courtesy to properly registered NASA SeaWiFS investigators. Any use of these images must abide by the SeaWiFS Data Policy. As a general rule, these images cannot be used publicly (newspapers, flyers, etc.) without permission from GeoEye.

       SeaWiFS 8-Day Images